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Career Options

The degree course qualifies graduates for manifold positions in commercial and administrative insitutions, which used to be reserved for fully qualified lawyers.

Graduates who focus on Business Law acquire judicial expertise, which can be applied to European legal context. They are qualified for positions in:

Legal Deartments of Corporations
Business Consultancies
Human Resource Management

Our graduates also take up positions in large, international law firms. The degree LL.M. is equivalent and comparable to international law degrees.

Graduates who focus on Environmental and Energy Law acquire judicial expertise, which qualifies them for positions in:

Legal Deartments of Companies operating in the Renewable Energy Business
Power Supply Industry
Business Consultancies
Law firms specialising in Energy and Environmental Law.

Graduates also work in federal government agencies (e.g. the Federal Network Agency), state and municipal autorities (e.g. public services).

In particular privatisation of services in the energy supply sector, which were previously provided by public autorities, increasingly require experts with a background in public energy and economic law as well as "tradional" (private) law.