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Course of Study

Within two years of study (four semester), the students obtain problem-solving skills to manage urban and industrial metabolism processes, in the first year of study, the programme attains sophisticated concepts of business and environmental management as well as a sound understanding of innovatibe environmental technologies. Creating, financing, implemting and managing new energy and resource efficiency strategies as well as unique policy models build the core of the study. Essential soft-skills like communication, presentation, and intercultural knowledge are trained in small classes.

In the second year, the students are working hands-on together with industry and partners in international real-life projects completing their theoretical knowledge with practical working experience. Therefore, the third semester is designed for the internship and the fourth semester for the completion of the master thesis in the field of material flow management.



Prof. Dr. Peter Heck
IfaS Environmental Politics, International Trade, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection East Asia

+49 6782 17-1221

 Building: 9926 Room: 127