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The world market for environmental management and technologies is very dynamic and it offers enormous growth rates. The companies in these business sectors - like the renewable energy sector or the carbon trading market - are booming and forming the real new economy. On the job market, companies are desperately looking for highly qualified and forward-thinking managers.

Graduates of the Master Degree Programs in International Material Flow Management (IMAT) are in high demand as consultants, project developers and business managers with excellent career opportunities.

Some students also choose to chase their own individual entrepreneurial pursuits, which IMAT encourages by enabling students to create a strong network while they are doing their internship and Master Thesis.

IMAT graduates are able to contribute to the industry, research, academic and governmental areas in e.g. the following fields:

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency,
  • Waste and Resource Management,
  • Water and Wastewater Management,
  • Biofuels and Sustainable Mobility, and
  • Carbon Management and Emission Trading.

IMAT academic and carrier office is maintaining an international network with scientific, governmental and industrial partners, assisting you in choosing your internship and master thesis topic. Doing your internship or writing your master thesis within an innovative company or institution is an important step with regard to your career as a Material Flow Manager!