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Course of Study

Students gain the unique opportunity to study the first year (1st and 2nd semester) at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Japan. The partner university of IfaS is one of Japan's most renowned and successful private hugher education insitutes.

The second year students will study at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. Besides taught modules, students participate in excursions, seminars, and a 4-week internship. The fourth semester is reserved for the master thesis, which will be completed at a company, or scientific or political institution. IfaS provides strong networks to industrial partners, as well as other research institues and ministries, and supports students in the search for suitable companies for internships and the master thesis.


Prof. Dr. Peter Heck
IfaS Environmental Politics, International Trade, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection East Asia

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