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Admission Requirements

Satisfying our admission criteria is the first step to a successful application! You will find all the information you need to apply here in this section, including admission requirements, application procedures and costs of study. Please check here for answers to your frequently asked questions.

When reviewing applications, the Admissions Committee of IfaS considers past academic performance, work and life experience, intellectual ability and other non-quantifiable qualities, such as motivation, self-confidence, leadership, and the ability to cooperate with others.

Any kind of professional or extracurricular leadership experience, especially if international in nature, is eminently respectable.
As a guide, to be eligible to apply for our Master Degree you should have

Tuition Fee and Costs

1. Application Screening Fee

Purpose of fee: To cover the costs associated with the processing and screening of applications.

Amount: 200 EUR

When to pay: At the time that you send your application documents to IfaS. We will not accept your documents without payment of the Application Screening Fee.

How to pay: Please pay the above amount by bank transfer to the appropriate account listed in the Application Guide. Please also include a copy of the proof of payment in your application (receipt issued by the bank).

2. Admission Fee
If you receive a Notification of Acceptance and decide to enroll for IMAT MSc., you have to pay the Admission Fee. Please be aware that the Admission Fee will not be refunded to you under any circumstances.

Amount: Approx. 140 EUR/ semester (the amount will be printed on the invoice sent to successful applicants).

When to pay: By the date specified in the invoice sent by Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB) to successful applicants. Failure in paying the Admission Fee by this date will result in a revoke of your acceptance.

How to pay: You will receive an invoice for the Admission Fee together with the Notification of Acceptance. You will then be required to pay this fee by bank transfer to the account designated on the invoice. Please note that all bank service charges incurred upon payment are your own responsibility.

3. Tuition Fee

Amount: 12,000 EUR 

(for standard period of completion within two years)

By starting IMAT MSc. studies in WS 2009/10, UCB-students have to pay 6.000 €.

When to pay: Once a year, by the date specified in the invoices sent by IfaS. In general, within the first month of the 1st semster and the 3rd semester.

How to pay: You will receive an invoice for tuition fee and you will be required to pay this fee by bank transfer to the account designated on the invoice.  

Important informations for all IMAT Master of Science Degree Students

Starting from summer semester 2010, the re-enrolment details will be communicated to the students through ECB homepage. There will be no written letter to the students asking them to re-enrol.

Students that posses German bank account can transfer the money via e-banking by following the instructions of their bank about e-money transfer.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an overall evaluation of documents submitted by the applicants. All certificates proving your professional and personal experiences will be considered as a benefit for your application, enhancing the chances to achieve a comprehensive scholarship.

1) Tuition fee reduction based on the standard evaluation of application documents. We offer scholarships for excellent applicants with 30, 50, 65, 80 or 100 % reduction of the regular tuition fee.

2) Additional scholarships might be available. Please contact IMAT Admission Office for further details. 

Living Expenses

Approximately 500-600 EUR per month are needed to cover the living expenses at ECB, Germany.


Application Guide and Application Form

Please go here download the application guide for more information on the following topics:

  1. Outline of Process Leading to Enrolment
  2. Starting Dates and Periods for Completion
  3. Fees and Charges
  4. Scholarships
  5. Admission Qualifications
  6. Application Screening Process
  7. Documents to Submit and Cautionary Notes
  8. Submitting Documents, Receiving Results.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Trier University of Applied Sciences 
Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
Registrar's Office
PO Box 13 80
55761 Birkenfeld

+49 6782/ 17-1315, 17-1316


Please submit your application to a degree programme at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld via our Online-Portal.