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Course of Study

At our university of applied sciences, the standard duration for the master’s course of studies in media computer science is 1.5 years (3 semesters). In the first two semesters, lectures in the area of computer science and media communication are given.

Corresponding project work is realized, in which the acquired knowledge serves the solving of practice-oriented tasks. That is not only fun, but also promotes specifically the management competency and capacity for teamwork. Every group is supervised individually by a professor thereby the best learning can be guaranteed.

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree with a standard duration of six semesters will attain the missing 30 ECTS points by additional elective courses and practical projects.

The third semester is reserved for the master thesis. The master thesis (final exam) should demonstrate that the students are able to work by them self on a subject-specific problem with scientific methods within a given time. The process time adds up to six months.

This course of study provides a profound, theoretically based and at the same time applied education in for the variety in areas of occupation in Media Computer Science.


Prof. Dr. Tim Schönborn
Marketing, Communication and New Media

+49 6782 17-1142

 Building: 9914 Room: 128