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Career Options

Media computer scientists often work at the interface between information, communication technology and new media. They conceive and calculate for example multimedia concepts and realize independent media productions for economics and administration. They plan, program and arrange interactive multimedia systems for e-Learning and e-Business-applications or software for other multimedia applications.

The university degree "Master of Science" in the subject media computer science at the location Birkenfeld promises good vocational perspectives. The process of the digital convergence of the media is in full course and the meaning of modern information and communication technologies continues to increase. Mobile phones and Internet are only two examples of the increasing meaning of media in almost all ranges of the life.

The application type that graduate inside and graduates of media computer science are very heterogeneous. Exemplary are mentioned the following current multimedia occupations as possible vocational fields:

·         Information broker

·         Web Scouts

·         On-line editors 

·         Programmer

·         Software developer

·         Screen designer

·         IT-Project manager 

·         IT-management consultant

The university location Birkenfeld offers their graduates additionally the possibility of selecting alternatively an activity in an enterprise, independent working and company foundation is possible. For this suitable premises are available in the surrounding field of the university, which can be used during a certain period.