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Career Options

The planned master course of studies aims activities in science, industry as well as public service. Those scientifically and theory-oriented training prepares also for the entrance to doctorate or activities in research and development. The training in environmental process technology is considered to establish activity profiles in the same way, as future restructuring which can be expected. The obtained authority considers likewise the requirements at careers in the higher service.

The national and international offer spectrum to master courses with process engineering study emphasis reflects the demand in such a manner oriented vocational field. Also the internationality of the associated surrounding field becomes simultaneous clearly.

Besides has to be considered that by the restructuring of the material-converting industry jobs were outsourced but on the other hand product innovations within this range are based on highly developed process engineering knowledge. In Europe is a rising need of excellently trained process engineers, in order to be able to exist successfully in the international competition with Asia and America.

The interdisciplinary interlacing training in the master course " environmental process engineering” is scientifically shaped with clear practice and prepared on a successful, future-oriented responsible professional activity, which assume analytic and abstracting intellectual power. Possible employers are for example:

·        Chemical industry 

·        Pharmaceutical industry 

·        Biotechnology enterprise 

·        Enterprise within the range  “Life Science“

·        Environmental consultation, environmental agencies

·        Recycling enterprise 

·        Engineer's office

·        Research and development companies 

·        Institutes and universities 

·        Research establishments

·        Management consultations

·        International machines and equipment construction 

·        Planning offices (factory planning and organization) 

·        Development assistance


In the framework environmental process engineering is a broad spectrum at operating fields opened, the ability is substantial to train itself fast into new problem fields to open optimizing potentials and deal rationally with resources. Environmental relevant problems like e.g. noise disturbance, waste and waste water treatment, air pollution control, dangerous material problems etc. must be considered likewise permanently.

This Master program points out an enormous research and development need particularly with solids, even if consideration on the shortness of funds and time forced project-oriented must be thought and acted. From this result both a strongly application orientated and scientifically shaped a field of work and research, at universities, institutes and in the industry.

In the service industries tasks of planning, consulting functions, and project engineering setting can be noticed like today frequently noticed Contracting models.

The market chances on such a various work sector are strengthened for our graduates on one hand by their ability to interdisciplinary interlaced thinking and on the other hand by their controversy abilities and communication.

The activity profile for graduates:

·        Product and process development 

·        Equipment construction in the legal proceedings technology 

·        Integration of new technologies of the legal proceedings technology

·        Customer advisory service, technical marketing

·        Process analysis, efficiency increase

·        Reduction of the resources employment 

·        Reduction of the quantities of waste 

·        Development of an installation internal energy and material group 

·        Simulation, automatic control engineering 

·        Environmental protection, industrial safety 

·        Searches, patent applications 

·        Concept development, planning 

·        Apparatus engineering and process engineering components 

·        Construction and manufacturing process and micro-process engineering aggregates, components and plants 

·        Co-ordination, organization 

·        Analysis, optimization, structuring 

·        Research and development