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Principles of Environmental Engergy Technologies

The concept of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is, is an interdisciplinary training in order to a sustainable development. Sustainable concepts describe the use of a regenerative system in a way that substantial characteristics remain and existence can regenerate in natural a way. In order to secure for future generations prosperity and acquisition possibilities, apart from economic also ecological and social aspects have to be considered. A necessary condition for prosperity and the continuance of the technical civilization is the environmental conserving, sufficient and payable supply of energy. The global climatic change and the shortage of fossil sources of energy require the improvement of energetic processes and the utilization of renewable energies.


The master course environmental energy technologies consider the targets, connected with the terms of sustainability. The course puts, apart from fundamental questions of classical energy engineering, emphasis within the range of rational energy production and - use. Procedures and processes within the range of the energy and environmental technology are evaluated critically regarding their contribution for the global protection of the environment. This program dedicates itself in particular to new energy-reducing and efficient technologies within the ranges


-          Renewable Energies an

-          Energy efficient ventilation technology


The study deepens nature and engineering sciences and puts thereby the bases for theory-oriented and research-referred handling with energy technologies. Energy technology covers all areas of technical handling with energy and the associated sources of energy, i.e. the energy preparation and handling energy-consuming processes or process chains. In addition to different possibilities and kinds of the power supply (thermal and electrical), the traditional power supply and the integration of future energies, like solar energy, wind energy and bio energy, also the customer side regarding to a rational utilisation of energy is considered. The jobs for energy technology engineers are planning, development, interpretation, assembling and the implementation of plants, like e.g. conventional or solar thermal power stations. This is filled in the equipment design and energy system technology.


In order to avoid unwished effects of energy engineering on environment and climate, these influences have to be evaluated. The environmental technology places environmental oriented energy technologies an interface between the energy term and the goal in course of sustainable studies. Interdisciplinary connections are clarified under the aspect of environmental compatible material cycles. Only an additionally energy-balancing view of material cycles permits a comprehensive fair judgement concerning the environmental compatibility. Around the flow of energy raw materials represents a material flow, which has to be evaluated and be managed. The linkage of energy and environmental technology promotes to think abstractly, analytically and interlaces.


The energy industry is by dynamically changing markets marked and also the political and legal basics are further developed. Because engineers have to consider also the competitive ability, this is why economical and legal aspects of the energy and environmental technology mediate are implemented in the course of studies.

Research projects with the industry ensure qualitatively high-level training in line with standard usage. At the environmental campus Birkenfeld arise locally environmental oriented possibilities cause of the modern building technologies, like e.g. a solar thermal plant on the roof or the adsorption refrigerator in the cellar room, for research. The supply of the environmental campus Birkenfeld with heating warmth takes place with a heat supply net via the biomass combined heat and power station Neubrücke, which is in direct proximity to the environmental campus. Current and heat requirements are covered at the environmental campus Birkenfeld completely by renewable energy sources, that is why the specialized university location can be classified as “Zero emission Campus".


The Master course “Environmental energy technologies” is not only interesting for students that did their Bachelor`s degree in this area, also auxiliary qualifications for engineering graduates, who want to train themselves further vocationally and seize new career chances.