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Course Content

Study contents are divided into obligation and obligated vote modules. For your study conclusion you complete obligation modules to the extent of 76 ECTS points and select from the vote range further modules to the extent of 14 ECTS points after own interest. You can develop your personal profile, to specialize in your favour area. At the end of your study program you provide the Master thesis with the Colloquium, where you get further 30 ECTS points.


Obligation modules:

Fundamental authorities in the obligation modules are suitable on fundamental knowledge of the natural sciences, conventional energy technology as well as the environmental technology. These modules have to be occupied from all students and form the basis for your further profile formation. Modules within the obligation range:


  • Higher mathematics I and II
  • Physics
  • Environmental chemistry and environmental geo technology 
  • Economics and right
  • Electrical energy engineering
  • Power station and fuel engineering 
  • Energy system technology and rational utilisation of energy
  • Equipment design 
  • Process direction and control engineering
  • Process and environmental computer science 
  • Environmental technology I and II


Emphasis and obligation vote modules:

The Master program offers two specialisations “renewable energies” and “energy efficient ventilation technology”


Balance renewable energy:

-          Energy use and energy technology of the renewable energies

-          Project work energy/environmental technology


Balance for energy efficient ventilation technology:

-          Heat recovery and energy-efficient ventilation technologies

-          Project work in energy room/ventilation technologies


The offer is supplemented by further modules from the obligation vote range, which can occupy you after own interest. By these obligation vote modules you can profile further specializations. Supplementary the obligation to vote from the module catalogue specialist area advices of environmental planning/technology can be changed.

  • Seminar; biomass, solar, wind
  • Fuel cells and accumulation technology
  • Nuclear energy technology
  • Room and building automatization
  • Energy hybride systems
  • Modelling and optimization in energy technology
  • Physics and environment
  • Noise in production and transport
  • Material Flow Management 2
  • Production and environmental management
  • Environmental psychology

Master Module:

At the fourth semester you provide the Master thesis with the Colloquium, where you have 6 months to complete the finalization