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Career Options

Graduates of the Master course “Environmental energy technology” (Master of Science) are authorized to attain a doctorate and are qualified for scientific activities in research and development.


They have also the possibility for a career in higher service.

Specialized abilities and knowledge of the master level help to solve complex challenges and to use the professional experience in areas of classical energy technologies. In addition they developed their vocational profile and absorbed action authority in one of the emphasis renewable energies or energy-efficient ventilation technologies. By visiting further professionalized modules in selected areas of application from the obligation to vote range they win an individual career profile.

Graduates can solve any kind of technical processes and complexities concerning the parameter energy analytically with their knowledge to environmental compatibility interlace and evaluate. They can use scientific methods and procedural models of environmental oriented energy technologies for the solution of practice problems. They are able to work in diverse consumption ranges, like the commercial economy, in the service sector, in industries, in public service and in households to convert and develop the variety and complexity of different techniques and technologies of the energy and environmental technology. Apart from the purely technical and methodical abilities graduates have more competences like:


  • strengthened auto-didactical authority and independence,  
  • analytic abstraction ability,  
  • controversy, discussion and decision authority as well as  
  • research and development authority,


which enable them for reliable positions.


Fields of activity


The activity profile graduates:


Energy management and environmental management, environmental protection, industrial safety, consultation, investigating, conceiving, planning, product and process development, equipment construction in the energy and environmental technology, integration of new technologies of environmental oriented energy technology, energy instrumentation, automatic control engineering, building engineering, building automation, information technology in the energy and environmental technology, apparatus engineering and process engineering components, construction and manufacturing energy and environmental technical aggregates, components and plants, coordinating, organizing, analysis, optimization, structuring, environmental compatible propulsion technology, operation of energy and environmental technical plants, authority activity like e.g. environmental offices, supervision of trade etc., research and development, etc.