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Course Content

The programme combines on-the-job training with university courses, which accelerates and intensifies the knowledge transfer, shortening the learning curve at the training company. Students complete practice-oriented modules and their vocational training phases during the course of four years. Upon graduation they are awarded the Europe-wide recognised academic degree 'Bachelor of Arts', in addition to a degree (from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in "industrial business administration".

The academic programme is based on a modular structure and covers the following areas of expertise:

Sustainable Business

Ecological and economic systems, corporate governance, management systems, environmental technology and renewable energies, energy management, environmental politics, and environmental  economics.

Business Administration

Fundamentals of business administration, investment and finance, accounting, management principles, economics, marketing, taxation, logistics, human resource management, information systems, and computer science etc..

Business Law and Environmental Law

Civil code, commercial code, company law, property law, environmental law, contract law, administrative law, as well as an elective specialisation in other legal areas.

Foreign Languages and Key Skills

Extensive business-oriented language training: English and other languages, communication studies, project management, presentation skills, intercultural relations, negotiation tactics, and public relations.