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Downloads concerning protection für expectant and nursing students

Important information for expectant and nursing students

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You are a student at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld and expect or nurse a baby?

The Trier University of Applied Sciences helps you to continue your studies as best as you can by offering support in a variety of ways.

On 1 January 2018 the new Maternity Protection Act came into force protecting pupils and university students now as well. Only Sections 17 to 24 are excluded.

We explicitly encourage and advise you to confidentially turn to one of the many advisory offices at Trier University of Applied Sciences to learn everything about special protection to prevent harm to your or your infant’s health during your studies.

Did you know for instance that we have an on-campus parent with child room for students with children? It is situated in building 9925 room 049 next to the Equal Opportunities Office. The staff of the Equal Opportunities Office will be happy to show you the room. You are welcome to use it to nurse or feed your baby or to change your baby’s diaper. The first-aid room 008 in the Central Building is available for these purposes at all times, too.

If your study course includes classes in laboratories, e.g. chemistry laboratory, please do contact the examination office without delay. As an expectant or nursing mother you may not be allowed to participate in such classes in order to protect your and your infant’s health. Please turn to us so we can inform you about your possibilities e.g. take a leave of absence or pass an alternative examination.

Protection regulations for expectant and nursing students

On 1 January 2018 protection regulations for expectant and nursing students came into force of which we want to inform you.

In order to apply these protection regulations we need you to inform us that you are expecting or nursing a child.

Please bring your „Mutterpass“ (doctor’s document stating pregnancy and expected date of child’s birth) and inform us about the expected date of your child’s birth. With the help of this date we will determine your personal protection periods before and after the child’s birth. During these protection periods you may apply for exemption from examinations. The registration or the time you are granted for working on the thesis may be deferred or suspended, too.

Furthermore, there are numerous protection regulations concerning the participation in classes between 8 pm and 10 pm and on Sundays and holidays, regulations for exemptions for medical examinations, for nursing etc.

Please turn to Mrs Gabi Stahl, head of the examination office of Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. She will consult you on all relevant terms and regulations ( Opens window for sending ).



Advice centers for expectant and nursing students

Examination office:
Mrs Gabi Stahl  Opens window for sending 

Phone: 06782/17-1844
Consultation on the regulations of the Maternity Protection Act for students, consultation on possible exemptions, prohibitions because of danger (e.g. in the chemistry laboratory) etc.

Registrar’s office:

Phone: 06782/17-1823
Consultation on possible sabbaticals based on maternity protection during pregnancy and while raising a child

Equal Opportunities Office:
Opens external link in new window

Information, support and consultation for students and employees with families