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How much does it cost to study in Germany?

Studying in Germany can save you a lot of money. In contrast to countries such as the USA or Canada, Germany usually does not charge tuition fees at public universities, there is only a contribution of about 200 Euros per semester. But tuition fees are not the only expenses a student has, there are of course living expenses that need to be paid. In Germany, there are some differences in living costs, according to the area you live in. Big cities are of course more expensive than small ones, which will especially be shown in the rent you pay for your apartment. A lot of students, therefore, share flats or live in a student hall of residence.

The following list shows the average living costs of students in Germany:

Rent (incl. ancillary expenses): 298 Euros

Food: 165 Euros

Clothing: 52 Euros

Travel expenses (car/public transport): 82 Euros

Health insurance and medical costs. Medication: 66 Euros

Phone/Internet/Radio/TV fees, postage: 33 Euros

Course materials/learning materials (books, etc.): 30 Euros

Leisure, culture and sports: 68 Euros

Total: 794 Euros

(Source: DAAD)

There are of course differences between countries when it comes to living costs. Germany is kind of average. The living expenses here are below those of, for example, Denmark, Luxembourg or Switzerland, but you need to be aware that they are definitely higher than in countries such as Asia or Africa. The following list shows a price overview of things that you need to buy in your everyday life:

1 loaf of bread: 1.20 – 3 Euros

1 kilo of apples: 2 Euros

1 kilo of potatoes: 1 Euros

1 litre milk: EUR 0.60 – 1 Euros

1 bottle of mineral water (0.75 litres): 0.30 - 0.80 Euros

1 cup of coffee (in a café): 2.50 Euros

1 beer (in a pub): 2 – 3 Euros

1 pizza in a restaurant: 4 – 6 Euros

1 pair of shoes: 30 – 100 Euros

1 T-shirt: 7 – 50 Euros

1 pair of trousers: 30 – 100 Euros

1 cinema ticket (student discount): 5 – 8 Euros

1 theatre ticket (student discount): 6 – 30 Euros

1 ticket to a museum (student discount): 2 – 8 Euros

(Source: DAAD)