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Choosing Germany for studying

Studying in Germany is a big chance not only for Europeans but also for young people from all over the world. Germany is well known for its high quality educational system. Our guest students can also start to learn a new language by getting in touch with our local fellow students. Even if students are only staying for one semester or for a year, they can still benefit from this experience and gain more insights into this interesting country.

How does the German University System Work?

The German educational system is in some points very different to the educational systems of other countries. To be able to apply to university we need our A-levels, which can be achieved by visiting either an academic high school, called Gymnasium, or by visiting a specialized academic High School, called Technical Gymnasium or commercial high school. International students need to have a similar graduate degree to be able to study here.

Our university system is parted into two degrees. First there is the Bachelor degree, which can be obtained after six to eight terms and is finished with a Bachelor Thesis. The following degree is the Master degree, which contains two to four terms and is also finished with a graduate thesis. Being a graduate of a Master’s program, one can also proceed in doing ones doctor’s degree. In Germany, there are different types of universities: arts, film or music advanced colleges, advanced technical colleges and the normal universities.

Another difference needs to be pointed out: there are public and private universities. Public universities are financed by the government, they do not charge tuition fees, whereas private universities are financed only through fees paid by students, which makes them pretty expensive.

Every exam a student has to pass is credited with the so called ECTS, European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. Depending on the learning achievements and workload of a course you will get a certain kind of ECTS credits. This system has been drafted to facilitate the internationalization of universities. For students it is easier if the credit system at universities all around the world is the same, so that there are no problems with the recognition of studies and courses. Therefore students are able to study at different universities and still are able to get a degree.