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Environment Campus Birkenfeld: Europe’s first Zero Emissions Campus

Our campus is one of the three sites of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, which is more than 30 years old and cooperates with more than 140 partner institutions worldwide.

Founded in 1996, the Environment Campus Birkenfeld is still very young and well equipped. We are following a residential campus concept with academic departments, libraries, residences, as well as social and sports facilities in one place.

We not only develop sustainable technologies, we also use them: energy and heat are supplied by a neighbouring biomass combined heat and power station, which uses waste wood and biogas. All roofs are equipped with solar panels, the lighting and geothermal climate systems are highly energy efficient.

The Environment Campus is located near the town of Birkenfeld on the Nahe river, close to the major European centers of Frankfurt, Luxemburg and Trier. The campus has its own railway station and is close to the Kaiserslautern-Trier motorway. It has a direct rail connection to Frankfurt Airport (less than two hours), and Ryanair's Frankfurt-Hahn hub is only 40 minutes away.