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Your Application as an exchange student

If you want to begin a whole study program please note the information of our Registrar's Office.

If you want to become an exchange student for one or two semester:
Belonging to the program you choose there can be some additional information like deadlines or fees. Please ask the corresponding contact person for details!

But every exchange student should notice this checklist to know what will definitely follow up after getting in contact with the corresponding contact person:

1.  Application for Enrollment

2.  Photo (35 x 45 mm)

3.  Confirmation of Health Insurance

4.  Copy of identity card or passport

5.  Copy of green card (Non-EU citizens only)

6.  Bank transfer of semester fee
(Admission Fee for current semester:
Bank details:
   Address of bank:                 LHK Mainz / HS Trier Standort Birkenfeld
   Name of Bank:                    Postbank Ludwigshafen
   IBAN:                                 DE 45 5451 0067 0009 6236  71
   BIC:                                  PBNKDEFF
   Reason for bank transfer:    Your First name, Your Last name, Your Date of birth

The documents you have to fill in and information about possibilities to live on-campus you will get after getting in contact with the corresponding contact person.

We look forward to welcome you to the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.


Daniela Haubrich
International Office

 +49 6782 17-1843


 Building: 9924 Room: 037