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Important Things First

If you are incapable of participating in an exam due to compelling reasons such as sickness, you should not take part in that exam, but rather prove those reasons with a sick note/ medical certificate and request your withdrawal from that exam. Please don’t forget the needed supplementary sheet.

If you are participating in an exam despite impairments, you are deliberately taking the risk of not passing and have to bear the consequences. Especially, if you are waiting for the grading, you are missing the opportunity of withdrawing.

The bullet point “Informations of Non-Attendance in Exams“ contains all the needed information for the submission of sick notes, especially information about the so called three-days-deadline.

Withdrawal from Exams

The withdrawal from exams is possible up until the end of the limitation period for the registration of exams on QIS. This is not the case if it is an obligatory attempt (repetition attempt, first obligatory attempt after the so called 1+4-rules of the exam regulations).

In the case of obligatory attempts or after the expiration of the limitation period, a withdrawal is only possible because of compelling reasons. Those compelling reasons need to be substantiated in the proper way.

Withdrawing because of compelling reasons is also possible if you have already started writing the exam. If you then recognize that you are sorely affected in your capability by restrictions, such as disease, and that a participation in the exam is not possible anymore or unreasonable, you can withdraw.

In this case, the following procedure has been decided by the examination boards of the departments Environmental Business and Economics/Environmental Law and Environmental Planning/Environmental Technology:

  1. The examinee that wants to withdraw from an exam after its beginning needs to tell the proctor and to put on record the compelling reasons.
  2. The unfinished exam shall be passed to the proctor.
  3. The examinee has to see a doctor or a public health officer immediately. The doctor has to acknowledge the present afflictions and the resulting restrictions of capability. The rules of the form of sick notes apply here.
  4. Within three working days the examination office needs an informal application about the withdrawal with the declaration of the compelling reasons, as well as the sick note with the supplementary sheet.
  5. The decision about the application lies in the hands of the chairman of the examination board or of the examination board in general. The decision is imparted to the examinee by the examination office. In case of a refusal, the exam is regarded as “not passed”. In the case of an approval, the examination office will enter the withdrawal with accepted reason on QIS, but only after grading.




When Does an Inability of Participating in an Exam Exist?

In general, there is an inability of participating in an exam, if the examinee is restricted in his capability at the day of the exam. Participation would be unreasonable in case of particulars or compelling reasons, such as sickness. Especially, feverish infections, bedriddenness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vertigo, circulation problems, impaired vision, headaches and so on.

The declaration of a diagnosis alone is not sufficient. Take, for example, the declaration of a diagnosis such as “gastroenteritis“ or “migraine”, this would not be a compelling reason for an inability to participate in an exam. In cases like this, an inability may occur because of the afflictions of a disease like this. These afflictions need to be acknowledged in detail by a doctor.

There could also be a domestic stress situation in immediate temporal connection to an exam, which can lead to an inability to participate in that exam. This may be the case, if there is a bereavement, a (severe) illness of children or other family members, nursing of a family member or comparable things. These have to be proven with appropriate documents (e.g. medical certificate, death certificate), too. Then a withdrawal from exams is possible and even an occasional exemption of obligatory exams may be possible.

The listings are not final. Please inform yourself in the examination office, whether there exists an inability of participating in exams and how this needs to be proven.


Pregnancy, basically, is not a compelling reason for an inability of participating in exams. But, during pregnancy there could be some afflictions, which may lead on to an inability of participating in exams. This is especially the case when the health of the child or the mother is endangered. The afflictions need to be certified by a gynaecologist. This medical certificate needs to be submitted to the examination office. Here, too, the three-days-deadline applies.